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One part down-to-earth, one part selfless nobility, two parts crazy, and you season liberally with wild falsehoods. You let that percolate through a good audience for a while, and when it’s done, you’ve got your hero.

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 bucky barnes
i never asked — never wanted — to be captain america. but that mask, those stars and stripes, that shield…they change you. i can see now the burden that steve’s always carried. and it feels strange to admit i want that burden back… but underneath it all, what i really know is…i want to deserve it…somehow.

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color meme ♥ mass effect + winter colors for augustne (x)

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Journey Into Mystery #85 (1962) vs. Loki: Agent of Asgard #8 (2014)

Jack Kirby vs. Lee Garbett

I love how often AoA has done this already. It pleases me every time